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Now you, too, can play
Paganini's 24 Caprices!

Revised fingerings and bowings:
A new technique and book to play the
24 Paganini Caprices
- by Gregory Shir

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Violinist all over the world are studying The Paganini Technique
by playing Paganini's 24 Caprices!

Revised fingerings and bowings:
A new technique and book to play the
24 Paganini Caprices
- by Gregory Shir

I have just received "the paganini technique".
Congratulation for your wonderful and beautiful work.
Just to make sure i have understood right... Do i have to start with caprice 16 then 10, 22, etc?

In the  introduction you say:
"It is my suggestion for beginners to break the Caprices into three parts and start learning them eight at a time."

What do you mean exactly by that? Should I study the first eight level 1 Caprices simultaneously?
Would you be so kind to make the issue clearer for me?

 Best Regards
 Cristian Jaramillo

I read with great interest about the edition of Paganini capricios am interested in your method and I want to buy it, I just want to know if it is possible to study and achieve a result without tutoring, and if there really is a difference in the original edition, or are in his method additional exercises that enable touch capricios differently and more easily, and this explains in his method?

Thanks for your attention
Awaiting your response
Lazaro Rivera

Have you written any essay to prove how and why your publication of Paganini training circle works?
If you have, I would like to click on the link and read them.
Thank you
Jun Zhu 

I've been playing that 6 caprices for a while.  I want to ask is there any other ways that I can use the circle to practice after I make some progress?

I think I've really felt the magic of the circle.
These two days, I slowed down and practiced for quality because I think I've got skills.
The fingerings were so easy to memorize when I really tried to put them in to my brian.
Also, I have a big improvement for the cleaness and accuracy for only 2 days.
I'm much better than what you saw me before 2 days.
I anticipate that I can play at least 12 caprices perfectly for next half month.  
Jun Zhu

Subject: Caprice 7, Measure 29 and similar
Hi Gregory,

I realize that I got the bowing all wrong. Yours was absolutely right. I'll correct mine.
Sarah Shalom - Canada

Dear Mr. Shir.
I have purchased your Paganini Technique edition and really enjoying it.
Could you please advise, in 14th measure of PT 9 (Caprice 16) does the shift to 3rd position happens on B flat preceding D?

Dear Eldar,
Yes the shift to 3rd position happens on B flat.

Thank you very much for your response, dear Mr. Shir.
Your work is a great help! You must have dedicated many years to it...
With best wishes,

Hello sir

i have just purchased your book and was wondering how long it would take for shipping to Singapore.
I would also like to ask what is the price range for your violins and whether i can view them online.

Thank you
Emmanuel - Singapore

I`m not really ready to sell my violins until I`ve made a few changes to them. When those change have been made, I`ll be ready to sell them. I`ll let you know. -- Gregory Shir

If I order 2 copies, is it possible that you dedicate me each copy to me?
Best regards Olivier - France

Of course. I sign each book that I send. -- Gregory Shir

Dear Mr. Shir,

I really like the idea of your book and I think it should get much more publicity so all the violinist out there can benefit from it.. I would like to buy your book but it's a bit pricey for me. Do you do any special students rate or something? I would love to try it.
Thanks a lot. - H.H.

Dear H.H. I'm so sorry, but have spent my life working on this technique.  For the moment I cannot afford to sell it cheaper. I'm currently working on a beginner book, however.
Please try out the samples, those are free. - Gregory Shir

After 40 years as a musician, professional violinist, and teacher of competition winners, I have discovered Gregory Shir’s Paganini Technique.

I played and analyzed his technique.  His fingerings are absolute – I cannot change any of them to play the Caprices any better.

I believe this is an important work for all violinists.  This is the key to the Paganini Caprices.
Congratulations, Gregory Shir, for your success.”

 - Sarkis Bukujian  08/19/09 - United States

Hello Gregory. I just bought the book from your website and I wonder if is there any information and form of tracking the book throughout its shipping ? Thank you very much.
Thank you very much. -- Matheus M. M. L. -- Brazil

I'm sorry, tracking is not available for overseas deliveries. -- Gregory Shir

Just got your book, I just hope we can meet in person someday. --Matheus M.

We will have a competition in the future. So keep watching the website. -- Gregory Shir



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